About Exclusive Training

Exclusive Training is the premier Luxury Hotel and Luxury Resort Sales Training Company in the industry, making great luxury resort sales teams even better.

We train luxury hotel and resort group and leisure sales people to communicate the highest possible effective messages to prospects and guests to increase their likelihood to purchase and equip people how to deliver these messages.

In our many years of training the best sales people in the luxury resort industry, the one underlining theme that is consistently present in a highly effective and successful sales person is knowing that “how, when, and where” you say something is significantly more important than “what” you say.

Since our experience is 100% in the luxury resort and hotel industry, we focus on the one industry that we know best and train luxury resort and hotel’s Group Sales Teams, Reservation Teams and Operational Teams on how to gain more business through highly effective communication techniques. Much of the hotel and resort industry is focused on presenting their offerings instead of communicating by fulfilling a prospect’s, meeting planner’s and guest’s true needs.

We can provide your team with a completely customized, highly-effective, sales training program addressing your team’s specific needs and special market circumstances. We enhance the individual strengths of each of your team members and work through the gaps that your team is experiencing one by one, providing all of the tools and the application of how, when and where to use our highly-effective  tools, resulting in a higher conversion rate, more reservations, richer bookings and happier guests. Our training is immediately applicable. We provide tools to make your team more successful the moment we complete our training. All of our clients are our best salespeople. They should be…we trained them! 

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Exclusive Training Services

We Help Your Group and Leisure Sales, Reservation Teams and Guest Service Teams With the Following

• Increase your Group Sales Revenue
• Increase your Reservations Team’s Leisure Sales Revenue
• Increase your ADR and be able to Yield farther out and faster
• Increase your conversion ratios
• Secure business in less time
• Convert more inquiries to sales
• Gain more up-selling opportunities
• Exceed the prospect’s expectations to increase your client’s communication about you
• Gain more business from Third Parties
• Meet the true needs of the prospect
• Gain more re-bookings and referrals
• Consistently deliver your messages so that people remember them
• Maintain & increase the industry’s publication rankings & testimonials
• Successfully overcome your main objections
• Develop a road-map for new hire development
• Learn to ask the “right” questions
• Increase incidental expenditure of the guest / meeting planner
• Increase the effectiveness of your tele-prospecting
• Learn new closing techniques
• Learn Luxury Language in the resort industry
• Learn Highly Effective Proposal Layouts
• Learn Highly Effective Site Visit techniques
• Learn better time management skills
• Learn how to sell against your competition better
• Deliver a detailed call outline for your Teams to follow
• Learn the how to turn your client base into a Sales Force

We teach your Operations Team how to “hire” every guest who stays at your hotel to become a true sales person for you, through the skill of Compelling Story Telling, converting a guest’s opinion about your hotel into a credible and fact-based communicative story so that your guest’s comments about your hotel / resort are heard and trusted by their friends, colleagues, and family, creating an unpaid sales force that is able to effectively sell upwards in the socio-economic class system.